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Benefits of coconut water|Tender coconut water in Delhi

Thanks to the media, coconut water in Delhi the conviction has developed that the taste of coconut is a heavenly delight. Undoubtedly, the taste is very pleasant and exotic, but the advantages of coconut products do not end there, in addition to the pleasant taste, coconut products have a number of useful properties. Coconut pulp contains many vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, easily digestible fiber – all this makes coconut a real “treasure”, and coconut milk is even recognized all over the world as a real “Superfood”.

As many as 7 useful foods are obtained from coconut:

Coconut oil is a thick product with a light aroma and a very delicate taste. Butter is made from nut pulp, which is dried and then squeezed out. The product is popular in cooking and cosmetology. It is well absorbed by the body, useful: antioxidants, oleic, lauric, caprylic acids, vitamins C, A, E, amino acids.

Coconut milk is obtained from the combination of grated pulp and coconut juice, the product is great for a lactose-free diet. This ingredient is used in many Asian dishes. It is so healthy that it can be added instead of regular milk to tea, coffee, various milkshakes. The famous Pina colada cocktail is made using coconut milk.

Coconut flakes are a very popular product; almost any housewife has it in the kitchen, as it is an indispensable ingredient in many famous desserts (yes, even bounty chocolate). They make shavings from the juicy white pulp of the fruit, knead it first, then dry it and grind it thoroughly.

Coconut Water  – This is a liquid that is found inside young coconuts, with a slight exotic aroma. Coconut water is considered a natural isotonic (restores the body’s water balance), it speeds up metabolism and is hypoallergenic. This drink is on the wave of popularity, which is quite logical.

Coconut cream is made from the pulp of a ripe fruit. It is a thick, sweet and fatty product with a rich taste, which contains valuable vegetable fats, protein, vitamins PP and B, iron, manganese. This product is an important ingredient in many cuisines around the world. For example, in Thailand, a soup is prepared using coconut cream, which is served directly in a nut. Also, cream is the basis of many sauces (for fish, seafood, meat).

Coconut flour is a new and very exotic product for our country. Flour is made from dried and grated coconut pulp. Coconut flour perfectly improves metabolism and digestion, the condition of the skin and blood vessels.

Coconut sugar, yes, it does exist. Sugar is made from coconut palm buds. For millennia, coconut sugar has been used in South Asia as a natural, traditional sweetener. Coconut sugar can be a healthier cane substitute.

Many useful products can be obtained from the coconut; they are used in different ways in cooking, medicine, and cosmetology. It is surprising that such an exotic product is very popular today in our country, we think the reason for this is, of course, the beneficial properties of coconut.

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