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Summer is the most anticipated time of the year. The weather pleases with high temperatures, and the body is filled with a truly “sunny” mood. Summer holidays can be darkened by abnormal heat with the scorching sun melting asphalt. Forecasters predict this summer will be the hottest in twenty years, so we have prepared some tips to keep ourselves safe.

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Take time to walk

Refrain from sun exposure during midday hours. During this time, the sun’s rays are especially harmful to the skin. Overheating can increase your temperature or pressure. Contrary to popular belief, sunbathing between 11 am and 4 pm is also not recommended.

Stick to summer fashion

For a short walk or shopping trip, choose light, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. In a dress or a midi-length skirt, it will not be as hot as in short denim shorts, therefore, prefer natural fabrics: linen or cotton to fabrics with synthetic fibers. Do not forget about a hat, it will protect you from sunstroke, and in the case of a wide-brimmed hat, it will create a shade. However, you can hide in the shade with an elegant umbrella. Well, every fashionista remembers about sunglasses, which will help avoid the negative effects of sunlight on the eyes. 

Do light makeup

In the summer, you should be careful with cosmetics. It should be as small as possible, it is better to refuse heavy decorative cosmetics and instead apply a product with UV filters.

Drink plenty of fluids

In the heat, the body needs more fluid, otherwise it threatens dehydration. Therefore, a bottle with a drink should always be at hand. Ignore carbonated or sugary drinks, they don’t fight, but rather fuel your thirst. The best choices are still mineral water, coconut water, and coconut milk. Coconut water will maintain the balance of salt in the body, restore PH, remove toxins, and coconut milk, due to the high content of calcium, potassium and sodium, will strengthen the body and relieve fatigue. 

Change your diet

It is possible that under the influence of the sun there will be a complete loss of appetite, this is natural, because the body is accustomed to “heavy” food, and in order to digest it, you need to spend a lot of energy and raise your body temperature. Switch to a light diet based on fruits, berries, cold soups and low-calorie salads. 

Ventilate the room in the evening

Do not ventilate the apartment during the day, especially in the midday heat, to avoid warm air entering the room. During the sun it is better to use curtains to create additional shade at home. It is best to ventilate the room in the evening and at night, when the temperature is much lower, so that cool fresh air will appear in your room, which will improve sleep.

What about physical activity?

Physical activity should be, especially with regular exercise. Do what you love in a cool room, but not under the air conditioner, so as not to catch a cold in the cold air.

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